Company Vision

.To create lift-up storage beds that are safe, effortless, and space-saving, along with mattresses that promote good sleep.

Our philosophy regarding lift-up storage beds and mattresses is simple—provide customers with lift-up storage beds that are easy to use, safe, and space-saving, along with mattresses that offer a good night's sleep. While many manufacturers in the market may have similar appearances, the substantial differences lie in the actual content.
We aim to offer consumers high-quality lift-up storage beds and mattresses at the most reasonable prices, ensuring that what they purchase is not only valuable but also provides peace of mind. We continually research and develop better products, exploring new materials and methods to ensure that our lift-up beds and mattresses are safe, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, practical, and easy to operate.
Our focus goes beyond what we believe makes a product high-quality. We value each consumer's purchasing experience and pay attention to the valuable feedback provided by consumers. Therefore, we invest significant time and effort in being readily available to answer any questions.
Bangshin belongs to the upstream manufacturing sector of lift-up beds and mattresses, emphasizing research development and marketing. We will continue to focus on the development of our products.

.Company Philosophy

Our dynamic and creative team, fueled by a passion for lift-up storage beds and mattresses, utilizes state-of-the-art production equipment from a professional perspective. We continuously research and develop various new lift-up storage bed hardware accessories and mattress sleep technology to ensure the quality and practicality of our products.

.Company Mission

Our wish and mission are to provide lift-up storage beds and mattresses that are safe, reliable, practical, convenient, and stylish.
Taiwan Manufacturing: From research and development to production, we choose materials manufactured by local Taiwanese factories.
High Quality, High Efficiency: Automated, standardized production processes, utilizing robotic arms for manufacturing—the only one in the industry.

.Product Patents

Safety, effort-saving, and good sleep are our patents.
We are energetic and innovative, driven by a passion for sleep products such as lift-up storage beds and mattresses. We work hard to develop reasonable, feasible solutions to transform lift-up storage beds and mattresses to meet various needs and become fitting home essentials for you.

Validation of Board Material

Supplier's Board Material Verification Data
We use boards that meet the national inspection standards for formaldehyde content as our materials. The selected substrate has passed national inspections, ensuring it is free from any odor, non-pungent and safe for health.


the expert in storage bed & mattress design

In 1988, Mr. Liu Zhenzhong founded Bangshin Storage Bed Co., Ltd. In order to enhance bedroom space utilization and sleep quality, Mr. Liu has been dedicated to the specialization of technology through continuous research and development and expanding the operation team for over 30 years.


the expert in storage bed design


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