According to research, mattresses may harbor millions of dust mites, tiny organisms that feed on human skin flakes. These microorganisms excrete a large amount of allergens on the surface and inside the mattress, such as dust mite corpses and feces. This can lead to symptoms like sneezing, a runny nose, red eyes, itching skin, and allergic issues such as asthma. Incorporating diatomaceous earth into mattresses effectively keeps dust mites at bay.

Even with daily mattress cleaning, it's challenging to completely eliminate dust mites and allergens inside the mattress. Common vacuum cleaners struggle to deep clean because they have already penetrated the mattress. Over time, dust mites and allergens accumulate, making you share your bed with them every night. Our technology effectively controls dust mites on the mattress surface, preventing deep-seated allergens from hiding.

Mite-proof layer

Diatomaceous Earth Mite-Proof and Moisture-Resistant Layer

Mite-proof layer: Perma-Guard food-grade diatomaceous earth

Natural additive-free, 100% original materials

Moisture-resistant layer: 100% pure diatomaceous earth particles

98% or more physical mite-proof

What is diatomaceous earth?

.Diatomaceous earth is refined from the microscopic fossils of marine organisms.

.It possesses extremely small pores and sharp edges.

.Resistant to mites and prevents mold growth.

.In agriculture, U.S. food-grade diatomaceous earth serves as a natural insecticide.

.Diatomaceous earth powder with a silicon crystallinity below 3% is suitable for mite prevention.

inspection report


1. Food-grade diatomaceous layer

Utilized for physical mite-proofing, sourced from natural diatomaceous earth by Perma-Guard in the United States. The sharp structure of diatomaceous earth can cause damage to the exoskeleton of insects, achieving the function of physical mite-proofing.

2. 100% diatomaceous earth particles

Used to maintain the dry moisture resistance of the mattress structure and the upper diatomaceous layer, preserving its effectiveness.

3. Arrayed foam cotton

Incorporates arrayed foam cotton to maintain the positioning of particles, providing breathability without compromising the overall lying experience.

Moisture Resistance

The materials include two types of diatomaceous earth: one is food-grade diatomaceous earth powder, and the other is 100% diatomaceous earth particles.


.A mattress with anti-mite and dehumidifying functions

.Mite-resistant material testing commissioned report


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